Cookie Tin Box

Cookie Tin Box, Why cookie use tin box packaging? and advantage. As consumers pay more and more attention to the outer packaging of products, the tin box packaging has huge market potential. Therefore, the outer packaging design of cookies has become a key development target for food companies. Want to explain the advantages of tin box packaging for cookies, first understand why cookies are packed in tin boxes? The cookie tin box is an environmentally friendly, green and safe packaging product Formal tin box manufacturers, when producing biscuit tin box, will be coated with environmentally friendly food grade gold oil on the tinplate printing, which is dedicated to food packaging. Four-color or spot-color printing for external use not only has bright colors, but also has the effect of preventing rust. It is a green and healthy packaging. With the increasingly fierce competition in the cookie market, to make your own biscuits attract consumers to buy, packaging will be one of the main factors in product competition, and it has become a must for merchants. Choosing tin box packaging to become a biscuit manufacturer best choice. As a professional manufacturer of customized cookie tin box, YUM TIN Packaging has 20 years of experience. Whether it is design, mold, or stamping, we are the leading supplier in the tin box packaging industry. We use this custom-designed tin box for production. Packaging can not only enhance the value of the product, but also reflect the corporate culture and style from the side, and at the same time bring out the high-end positioning of the product in the consumer market. Cookie Tin Box, Candy Tin Box, Our products meet the food safety level and can be used in various food packaging, such as biscuits, candies, chocolate, cakes, etc. Good airtightness and good quality. Food can be preserved all year round. Our company is one of the most professional cookie tin box manufacturers and suppliers in China. Please feel free to wholesale bulk cheap cookie tin box for sale here from our factory. All custom made cookie tin box are with high quality and competitive price.Our products are exported worldwide, enjoying a fantastic reputation amongst customers for vintage tin signs for kitchen, Vintage Tin Signs, vintage style storage tins. Tins are a bestseller among gift packaging– whether it be for Mother's Day, Christmas or Easter. Metal tins are a premium packaging option for cookies, chocolates, gingerbread, truffles and many other food and non-food items while their individual design attracts customers’ attention.Frequently, nostalgic designs and motifs with historical reference are implemented using detailed embossing, but artistic and limited edition designs are also convincing to customers at the POS.

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