Custom Shaped Tin

Yum Tin Box Company is a China decorative tin box factory.Yum is a China custom shaped tin box manufacturer and supplier with One-Stop solution for your every packaging need. Custom Tin Packaging,Make your product stand out on the shelf with custom tin designs. Minimum order quantities for custom tins begins at 5,000 cans.Custom Tins for Promotions and Overall Shelf Appeal,Major brands choose specialty tin packaging to draw attention to their brand's milestones and new product launches with limited edition, collectible tins. You too can buy custom metal packaging from a china manufacturer that ensures timely delivery, high quality and safety.Seconds count when it comes to catching the eye of the consumer. Tin packaging with vibrant graphics, reflectivity or embossing is hard to pass by. The superior look and feel of custom cookie and popcorn tins give the impression of quality. The collectability helps to sell the product inside and brings customer delight to a brand's loyal customers. Custom decorative tins are a great way to stand out in the marketplace. Custom specialty metal packaging has a look and feel that is not only pleasing but adds perceived value. Collectible anniversary tins promote your brand long after the original purchase and commemorative tins are often displayed in homes and businesses.Our full product lines include decorative tin boxes, metal tin containers, metal tin packaging, metal tin cases, metal tin containers, printed tin cases, tinplate boxes, tin packaging boxes, metal packaging solutions, tin box factory, tin box manufacturer, tin box wholesaler, tin box OEM factory.

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