Window Tin Box

The window tin box is the perfect way to display colorful goods. These beautiful window tin box are different from ordinary tin boxes because they have a unique transparent lid. This makes them ideal for storing colorful items such as cosmetics, herbs or candles. The window iron container has spiral top cover and sliding cover. Because of their unique design, these beautiful metal tins are very popular in all industries.

All our window tin box are made of high-end tinplate or aluminum. The materials used are 100% food safe and BPA free. Therefore, they can be safely used to store cosmetics, food and other items. In addition, cans are completely recyclable, making them sustainable and environmentally friendly alternatives to other packaging materials. Each window tin boxes sheet has rolled edges for safe operation, and the smooth seamless surface makes it look more advanced. If you are looking for a unique but affordable container to pack your goods, then metal window tin box are certainly worth considering.

Window tin box with transparent top

Tin containers come in various sizes. From small tin boxes to large tin box, these packaging materials can meet all your storage needs. The window tin box is a unique metal tin box, as its name suggests, with a transparent lid. These lids let you see the inside of the empty can. Transparent top tin boxes are particularly popular for storing small and colorful items. Because these transparent top tin boxes can let consumers see the colorful goods you stored in the tin boxes, they are very suitable for use as eye catchers. After all, who wouldn't want to buy a jar filled with delicious candy or colorful herbs?

In the online web of Yum tin box Packaging, you can browse dozens of different tin boxes. We have a wide range of tin boxes, including a large number of window tin box of different sizes. If you happen to be looking for a roll of window tin box that are not available on our website, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always ready to advise you and help you find a specific type of small metal tin. Like all other tin box in our shop, these tin boxes are food safe and BPA free. We have carefully selected manufacturers to provide only the highest quality tin boxes. All empty tin box start at 5000 pieces. Those who decide to buy in bulk can enjoy our high discount tin container wholesale price.

What is a window tin box?

A window tin box is separated from other tin containers because it has a beautiful transparent top. These covers are usually made of durable plastic. However, the most expensive metal tin boxes can also be equipped with glass lids. All transparent top tin boxes provided by YUM tin Packaging are equipped with plastic windows. Bottle caps with glass instead of plastic can be provided upon request. Like all other types of small metal containers, these tin boxes come in a variety of shapes and sizes. In addition, they can be completely customized according to requirements, so as to provide a perfect and unique package for your goods.

Because window tin box have a transparent top, these tin boxes are very suitable for displaying goods. This special type of metal tin box often appears in the food or cosmetics industry, where it is filled with colorful food, herbal medicine or cosmetics. In addition, they are usually used to hold incense wax lamps and bath salts. After their contents are consumed, these tin boxes are usually kept and reused by people to meet other storage needs. For some people, collecting these beautiful tin boxes with lids has even become a complete hobby.

What is the window tin box used for?

Like other metal tin boxes, tin containers with transparent tops can be used for a wide range of storage purposes. Depending on the size of the tin boxes, they are used to hold herbs, candy, cosmetics and wax lamps. Since these tin boxes are already equipped with a transparent lid, they are not often used to store liquids. Instead, they are used to store small objects, dry food or solid cosmetics such as wax. Unlike our other tin boxes, these tin boxes also have no EPE lining. This makes them less suitable for storing fresh products. Next, we will briefly introduce the main storage purposes of these transparent roof tanks.

Spice tin boxes and tea  tin boxes

These small tin boxes can usually be found in people's kitchens, and they are used as spice containers. Dry herbs have many different colors, which makes them very suitable for showing off. This is why manufacturers and herb sellers often choose to store their products in tin boxes with transparent tops. The advantage of these window tin boxes is that after use, you can simply refill them for reuse. In addition to being used by stores, end users can also simply buy their own empty tin box and fill them with their favorite seasonings. Displaying your colorful spices will really increase the atmosphere of your kitchen. In addition, they can be used as tea tin box or to store other dry foods, such as coffee.

Candy tin boxes

The design of the candy tin box is very attractive, the color is very bright, and, as you guessed, it usually has a transparent hat. Like vanilla, candy comes in many different colors. These bright colors make them very suitable for showing off, because they will certainly attract people's attention. It is difficult to see which coveted candies are stored in a tin container without the impulse to buy candies. Window cans are especially used to store hard candy, such as frozen beans. Of course, these small tin boxes also be used to hold any other food from cookies to chocolate.

Cosmetic containers

In particular, small tin boxes with a capacity of 5ml or 10ml are usually used as cosmetic containers. Generally speaking, these smaller tin boxes are filled with wax, lotion or cream. As far as window tin boxes are concerned, they are usually used to hold colorful goods such as lip gloss. Tin boxes with a capacity of less than 20ml have proved to be popular lip gloss containers. These lipstick jars have transparent lids, which can show young girls and teenagers colorful red or pink luster.

Candle tins

Candles and wax lamps are now often found in tin containers. These so-called candle tin boxes are filled with wax directly and become fashionable candles, which can be closed when not in use. Candle tin boxes are most commonly used to store scented wax lamps. The cover can not only hide the wax lamp easily when the wax lamp is not used, but also cover the smell when the wax lamp is not used. Although all types of tin box can be used to hold candles, the most commonly used is window tin box. The reason behind this seems logical, because the transparent top allows you to enjoy the beautiful color of the candle, even if it is not in use. Nowadays, candle cans can be found in almost any comfortable family, because even if the wax lamp is not lit, candle tin box also create a warm atmosphere.

What are these small tin box made of?

Although tin boxes were originally made of tin, modern tin boxes are often made of different materials. In today's world, tin boxes are mostly made of lightweight aluminum or tinplate. Traditional tinned empty tin boxes are still available; However, they are not very popular because they are more expensive and heavier. The transparent top tin box found by YUM Packaging is made of high-end aluminum or tinplate, with plastic windows in the lid. All our aluminum tins are seamless, corrosion resistant, 100% food safe, and BPA free. Traditional tin boxes are made of tinned steel with a real glass cover and are available on request.

Customized window tin boxes

In YUM Packaging, you can find window tin boxes of various shapes and sizes. Nevertheless, we do understand that we do not have aluminum tins of every model in our product portfolio. If you are looking for a tin can of a certain size or shape that is not available on our website, we are glad to receive your letter. In YUM Packaging, you can create your own custom tin box with the help of our industry professionals. Whether you are looking for a small metal container or a completely customized tin box, we are happy to help you. All empty tin boxes found on our website can be customized, including our windowtin box.
Customized window tin boxes provide you with an innovative and unique way to create brand awareness. These colorful tins are ideal for differentiating your organization or product from competitors. Tin boxes can be customized in any conceivable way. These exquisite and elaborately made cans have bright and seamless surfaces, providing you with a cheap self promotion resource. In addition to different printing technologies to customize your tin boxes, you can also choose different construction and closure methods. In short, our small tin boxes can be customized to meet your exact needs, so as to fully represent your product or brand.

If you choose to use YUM Packaging to design your own cans, you can enjoy the free help of our industry professionals. We will work together to create a unique and outstanding tin box, which can be customized according to your specific requirements. Our factory allows you to choose from different designs, volumes and printing technologies. In addition, you can select the cover and closing mechanism of the window glass. Therefore, you can consider a screw top mechanism, a hinged cover or a classic lifting cover.
YUM packaging also provides you with the possibility to choose from a large number of different printing technologies to further customize your empty tin boxes. We offer matte and painted full-color prints. In addition, you can choose simple paper etiquette or stickers to further personalize your tin boxes. We can even laser engrave your company name or add a 3D logo. Just email us and let us know what you think. Our professionals will be happy to advise you and work together to create a unique tin box that is perfect for your business.
If you want to know more about how to design and make your own tin boxes, we suggest you visit our custom tin box page. Here you can find all the details of the different production and printing technologies we offer. Of course, you are also welcome to contact our professionals by email. We are glad to receive your letter and will try our best to answer all your questions within 24 hours.

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