About Us

We are a tin box wholesale company and tin box manufacturer**Please contact us for wholesale custom tin box packaging.

The Tin Box Company, located on Guangdong, China, began operations in 1999 as Dongguang limited, manufacturing all tins in China. In 2003 the company name was changed to The YUM Tin Box Company of China, Inc and all manufacturing was moved to Dongguan. Due to our growth and overwhelming demand for our quality tins, we set up our own operations in China seven years later. As a result of our expansion, we are able to work more closely with our factories and provide the highest quality tins to all of our customers in a timely fashion.

Our China office and showroom, Yum Tin Box Limited, is located at Greening East Road, Shilong Town. Our main production facility is located in Dongguan, China with over 36 production lines and over 2,800 employees. As our business has grown even more within the last few years, we have added an additional automatic production line. We also offer our full range of tin product from our distribution center in China, making it even easier for our import customers to purchase Tin Box merchandise.

Since 2003, we have specialized in the manufacturing and wholesale of licensed tin merchandise. The Tin Box Company has the rights to produce tins featuring all of the most popular characters in the most popular licenses. We are also the leader in the development and designing of unique shaped tins not found anywhere else. In addition to our everyday product line, The Tin Box Company can customize any tin to meet the specific needs of your company or merchandise. Just go to our custom section to learn more details about specialized packaging.

We pride ourselves on being the most innovative and reliable tin company in the industry. The tins we produce exhibit these attributes in many ways. Our tins are formed from high quality tinplated steel, they are printed using 4-color process lithography and premium inks, the 3-D embossing gives the tin an “expensive” look at a low price. It is also important to note that all of our tins are tested using the Children’s Product Safety Improvement Act guidelines issued by the United States Government (reports and gcc’s are available). The Tin Box Company ensures that the quality of what goes into the packaging will reflect on the finished product.

The Tin Box Company
Greening East Road, Shilong Town, Dongguan City, China, 523320
Tel: 86-134-800-T74629; Fax: 631-845-1610
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